Queering Education

Queering the actual modes of education in universities and in education systems at large is a must. To free public imagination, we must break loose of tunnels, where the light only comes from one source, from straight ahead, a light which is never reached, and one only see’s but is never touched by. To queer education is to turn the tunnel into a field, where objectives are anywhere you can find them, and the direction can be meandering, uncertain, but always in light, that is, the satisfaction of learning is not what you are approaching, but the learning itself.

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1 Response to Queering Education

  1. madelinej0nes says:

    I like the way you equate queering modes of education to creating physical space. I think it could be helpful to describe it this way to convince traditionalists/conservatives of the importance of “queering”- we are not restricting studies to leftist POVs but rather expanding the ways in which we can relate to/ explore learning itself.


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