Hope & Valency

The idea that Lisa Duggan suggests of the counter to ‘hope’ being ‘complacency’ was very interesting to me, because it shifted hope from being a specifically imagined reconstructed utopic future to a space for imagining, a drive and a need for something beyond what we have, a motivation for movement. By defining hope as the need for re-imagining and re-configuring, revolution and revolutionary action becomes formulated as requiring hope and springing from it. Jose Esteban Munoz adds that friendship contains this potential for revolution, in the term Valance, “The concept that describes the capacity for spontaneous and instinctive emotional combination.” (pg. 8). In friendship one not only has the possibility for spontaneous re-imagining through the act of collaboration, but also the space do to so freely, based in trust. Having a space to operate safely gives one/many the ability to dream dangerously, to test and explore. Friendship as the home-base of revolution.

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