Anger and Hope

During the on-campus talk about Black Lives Matter and Anthropology, Dawn-Elissa Fischer said that you should be angry – that if you’re not angry, you will forget why you’re fighting. This stuck with me for multiple reasons, but a powerful reason was because it provoked me to think about anger as being not only productive within activism, but necessary. In reading Hope and Hopelessness: A Dialogue, it made me think about the reconciliation of anger and hope and what that means to enact these congruous methods as means of positive production. José Esteban Munoz says that ways of operating in the world that are typically negative embodiments of affect, “like cynicism, opportunism, depression” can work to encourage criticality that has the potential to be useful. As counterintuitive as it is, I find it interesting that these feelings (cynicism, anger, depression) may represent what is most hopeful in the precarity of our political and social atmospheres.

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