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Theory and ideology operate similarly here. Both serve to turn the fear of the unknown into something more palatable and productive. I’m sitting in Athenian Diner right now and have overheard multiple celebrations of last night’s outcome. “He’s the voice of the people… dedicated to the middle class… revolution… core values…” I’m sad for these people. I’m sad that we’re all sad and confused and always searching for someone or something to fix us. Trump has intentionally catered to poor white Americans who feel overlooked, mistreated, and threatened. He has given them a voice, a doctrine, a solution to their hurt. His established cult of personality has awarded him the leeway to push extremism without consequence. Propaganda is a powerful tool- the normalization of problematic rhetoric is the first step in mass-spreading a problematic ideology. What trips me up is that many Trump supporters don’t actively support Trump’s status as a perpetrator or his history of tax evasion, for example, but instead deny these claims are even real. Trump has played on their fear of the biased leftist media “warping reality” (and in the process is doing just that).

The common thread is fear: all doctrine/theory/ideology is a response to the terror that is living without purpose/organization.

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