Hi all, here are some links to things I mentioned in class or that might be interesting given yesterday’s discussion:

Black Nihilism and the Politics of Hope: this is the article I was talking about. I think you should have access through Wesleyan, but if not, I can email it to you.

Our conversation about hate crimes and the ‘prison’ section of Against Equality reminded me of a story about an incident that happened in Oakland in 2013. I first heard about it through this New York Times article, which has a surprisingly nuanced response to the perpetrator (though, bizarrely, using gender-neutral pronouns was, at least at the time, against their style guide? which makes for some weird linguistic dancing around). This quick piece in The Nation is an important addition to the conversation.

Can’t remember now what exactly reminded me of this, but I made a note to link to Jennifer Terry’s piece on Queer Animals. Not directly relevant to activism, but this piece is a fascinating look at how we study animal “queerness,” both projecting our own experiences on our objects of study and then using those studies to legitimize said experience. Probably came up with regard to how queerness gets naturalized (which makes sense in response to its pathologization).

Finally, this NYT piece is, I think, a good account of what I was trying to say re: the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling that marriage is a constitutional right.

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